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OccupationalTherapy.com Promo Code: FLOURISH13 & Review

Do you hear the clock ticking on your annual CEU credits and wonder which online CEU sites can actually get you what you need for state and/or NBCOT certification and want to dig into OccupationalTherapy.com reviews?

Are you scrambling to organize the evidence into one pile to show your state and national boards that “yes,” you completed your CEUs on time and “yes,” you are competent and qualify for an OT license renewal?

Does just reading these words make your stomach churn and make you question everything about your continuing education?

In this post, I will be digging into what I love about this company, go through some of the pros and cons of this OT CEU company and share an OccupationalTherapy.com promo code below.

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What is OccupationalTherapy.com?

Unlimited Occupational Therapy CEUs for $99/year & get a FREE month with promo code: FLOURISH13

These days, we occupational therapists have easy routes to CEU credits just because getting online is no longer difficult.  Online CEU companies such as OccupationalTherapy.com offer unlimited access to OT CEU courses all in one site.  All you have to do is create an account, pay an annual fee (which is currently $129/year), and you’re in!

Highlighted Features of OccupationalTherapy.com

Let’s take a look at some of the pros that Occupational Therapy.com has to offer their customers:

AOTA/NBCOT Certified CEUs:

When selecting courses, there is a scroll down option where you can filter out both AOTA and NBCOT certified courses. 

TONS of Courses:

They have over 500+ courses and over 30 topic areas – everything from gerontology and aging (my fav) and physical disabilities and neuro to pediatrics and school based/early intervention. Truly something for everyone.

Occupationaltherapy.com CEU courses - something for all areas of OT practice!

OT-Taught Courses:

The majority of courses available on OccupationalTherapy.com are taught by actual Occupational Therapy practitioners.  Although there is some benefit from taking courses taught by other professions to round out our own professional education, there is also great comfort in receiving new information that is pertinent to the OT world. 

Break Down Courses by Levels:

Each of the courses are categorized as either:

  • Introductory
  • Intermediate or
  • Advanced

I really like this feature because not only does it help organize the material to find these course types easily, but it ensures that you are matching your experience level on a topic with course material that correlates with your needs.

Wide Variety of Presentation Formats:

Instead of traveling to live courses throughout the year, OccupationalTherapy.com provides classes in video, audio, text, and LIVE webinar formats for ease of CEU credit collection at home.  Depending on what state you reside in, the LIVE webinars can count as in-person CEUs. 

Want to know if your state requires LIVE occupational therapy continuing education courses as a part of their continuing education requirements or if they count online LIVES? Check out the State CE Online Limitation pdf here

Mobile Access:

Login to your account anywhere on any device. Just find the OccupationalTherapy.com login on their home page and you’re in and ready to learn!

CE Broker:

What is CE Broker? 

By basic definition, CE Broker is the official tracking system of CEU credits nationwide.  They include hundreds of professions besides OT.  All this does is help licensees, education providers, and licensing boards to track CEU credits quickly in order to renew certifications and licenses all in one location.

CE Broker is included with your OccupationalTherapy.com subscription. 

Transcript Management:

Look up your course transcript anytime in one place to see how many credits you have yet to accumulate for the year.

Sample 5-Star Rated Courses from OccupationalTherapy.com

If you go to “Courses”, you’ll notice that some of the seminars have star ratings.  Here are some examples of 5-star classes available in the section called “Gerontology and Aging:”

A Montessori-Based Approach to Aging and Dementia

This course touches on multiple mediums for learning including audio, video, and text.  The course format includes information about the treatment approach as well as case studies and video examples applying the approach to real-life patient scenarios.

Understanding the Geriatric Population: Risks Associated with Prolonged Sitting and Goals of a Therapist, in Partnership with The Permobil Academy

This 5-star course is available in video format only.  Reviewers comment on how the course includes pictures of actual elderly patients and their overall posture in seated positions.

Getting Ready for PDPM: Group and Concurrent Therapy

Just the title alone let’s OT practitioners know how relevant the class information is to this year’s clinical practice in geriatric settings.  This course is offered in video, audio, and text, and it outlines definitions, practice guidelines, and tools for documenting group/concurrent therapy.

If you are looking for more PDPM information, get all your questions answered through this podcast and blog post here.

Room for Improvement

In general, OccupationalTherapy.com makes continuing education for occupational therapy and accruing CEUs on an annual basis less painstaking than other educational routes.  Video, text, and audio formats means that the learner can come and go as they please.  Occupational therapy practitioners don’t even have to leave their house in order to get CEU credits.  However, like any online CE company, there is always room for improvement.

LIVE Webinar Courses are Limited:

Although there are hundreds of audio, video, and text courses available, there is only a small handful of LIVE webinars available (6 courses this month, as the time of this article).  That’s not necessarily the site administrators’ fault because of the general laws of supply and demand.  There has to be education providers available at specifically scheduled times to go LIVE, which can be a hassle.  However, this is a limitation for practicing therapists because often times their state board requires a certain number of LIVE courses.

No App:

There is no app to download, even though all material can still be accessed through the browser on your phone.

Is it less convenient? yes

Is it doable? also yes

No Patient Resources:

Occupational Therapy.com does not offer additional perks like home exercise program builders, or patient education pdfs.

Overall Impression of OccupationalTherapy.com

I love it!

Overall, OccupationalTherapy.com is a convenient site to use for annual CEUs or even an occupational therapy refresher course online.  Everything you need, including a transcript history of courses you’ve already taken, is in one location. The annual fee for unlimited access is very affordable, broken down to roughly $8.25 per month (or $7.62 a month when using promo code: FLOURISH13) for solid, online occupational therapy continuing education.

Looking for more support in your job as an OT practitioner vs CEUs? Check out the OT Accelerator

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by Meredith D. Chandler OT and Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L

Disclaimer: I am a long-time affiliate, partner and personal user of OccupationalTherapy.com. When you use the link or promo code through my page, a cut of the sale goes toward OT Flourish, which helps us create more resources for you. Thank you for your support!

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    Medbridge Promo code: FLOURISH for $150 off unlimited CEUs | OTflourish.com
  • OccupationalTherapy.com promo code: FLOURISH13 & get 1 extra month FREE of unlimited CEUs

    OccupationalTherapy.com promo code: FLOURISH13 & get 1 extra month FREE of unlimited CEUs
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