Occupational Therapy Goal Bank & Goal Writing Package

Get BOTH the Occupational Therapy Goal Writing and Goal Bank Guide as well as the Goal Writing Workbook.

The Occupational Therapy Goal Bank and Goal Writing Guide is a 60 page ebook that focuses on helping you create measurable, client centered and attainable goals for your clients!

Not only does it give practical tips and instruction for goal setting in an easy to follow format, it provides outcome measure examples for a variety of goals plus a bank of short term goals and long term goals for:

  • BADL
  • IADL
  • Performance components of occupational therapy practice
  • Specialized areas such as:
    • chronic conditions
    • dementia
    • low vision
    • maintenance therapy
    • progressive diseases and more!

This 14 page Goal Writing Workbook is perfect for those having trouble creating client-centered and measurable goals

This workbook guides you through a step-by-step approach to goal writing by helping you select performance components, outcome measures and use the COAST method to write rock solid goals.

TO DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE/WORKBOOK: After purchasing, a new page will pop up with a button on the right hand side indicating how to download, as well as an email with a receipts and the purchased links (may take up to 10 minutes).