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occupation based kits are perfect for a SNF or inpatient rehab setting to grab and go |

Using an occupation based kit is a great way to integrate more real-to-life activities in your hospital or SNF facility when it can be a challenge to replicate these task in the typical healthcare environment. They can easily be graded up or down based on the patient’s cognition, sensory integration, social participation or physical ability …

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Weight Bearing Precautions for Occupational therapy practitioners

Per usual practice, occupational therapy practitioners don’t typically set up or change weight-bearing precautions for their patients.  That order comes from their primary physicians who also order therapy evaluations and services to begin with. OTPs are informed about weight-bearing precautions via a prescriptive order in the form of, sometimes unrecognizable, acronyms: TTWB, NWB, PWB, and …

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OT SOAP note templates and documentation

Do you feel confident writing a SOAP note and providing accurate documentation? I think this is something we all worry about! We have so many pressures to get all of our patients seen and get all of our SOAP notes done in a timely fashion. Since documentation time is not reimbursable, we have to also …

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PEOP model and occupational therapy

By our very nature and the influence of our educational background, occupational therapists have to take a wholesome approach in therapeutic intervention.  This means looking beyond the patient or client’s medical limitations and considering outside-of-the-box barriers and enablers related to occupational success.  One of the dozen theoretical models that OTs learn in school that provides …

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When to choose a Broda vs Geri chair

How do you know when to recommend a Broda Chair over a Geri Chair? As occupational therapy practitioners, sometimes making the recommendation for a wheelchair can be hard, especially for a person that doesn’t quite fit the norms of a standard seating and positioning. So I went right to the source and teamed up with …

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6 tips for Occupational therapists to use visual cues with persons with dementia

How can occupational therapy practitioners use labels to help our clients with dementia thrive in their environments? Well let’s back up… this post all started with this graphic I shared on Instagram. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mandy {Seniors Flourish} (@seniorsflourish) on Apr 9, 2019 at 3:43pm PDT I created these …

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OT goal writing: the ultimate guide

We have all been there, trying to figure out what is the best way to do good goal writing…why is this sometimes so hard?   ugh See, I was randomly looking through the Occupational Therapy Treatment Ideas & Information Facebook page the other day (it is a HUGE group with tons of ideas!), when I came across a …

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in room treatment ideas for occupational therapy

In room treatment ideas for OT is sometimes a necessary like when a patient is isolated and working with limited supplies. So many questions circulating – How long is this going to last? How can I protect my self and my patients? Can I still help my patients achieve their goals while in isolation?   But one …

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3 Tips to Help Caregivers Carry Out Home Modifications

Occupational therapy caregiver training – it can be tough. I don’t know about you, but I find it frustrating when my recommendations for simple, low cost home modifications are not carried out after a patient discharges home. When older adult patients need caregivers help to follow through on home modifications, that means it’s up to us …

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