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in room treatment ideas for occupational therapy

Sometimes we need in room OT treatment ideas because our patient is isolated, has low endurance, we want to work on occupation based interventions or we just do not have the room in the therapy gym for all the patients. Do you have any in room occupational therapy intervention ideas? I am going to share …

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Occupational Therapy Advocacy is so important for the profession! Learn 8 EASY peasy ways to have your voice heard! |

Occupational therapy advocacy is key to the growth and sustainability of our profession. Clients constantly question the difference of occupational therapy compared to physical therapy, and why they must participate if they “have not worked in a job in years.” With this confusion, our profession has been able to explain and elaborate on the roles …

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Learn 5 Fall Recovery Techniques for occupational therapy practice |

Fall recovery is an important skill to teach our occupational therapy patients. How many times have we seen the commercial and heard, “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  Many times for older adults, falling is not about if it happens but rather about when it happens.  Whether it’s due to age, injury, or …

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Learn how to make 5 life sized activity tolerance games work on patient goals while making OT fun! |

I am always looking for ideas to shake up my OT treatments and try to get creative with activity tolerance activities, because it is just NOT functional or occupation based to have our clients standing and putting in pegs into a board (unless they find this fun!). So if you haven’t dug into 14 Occupation …

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HUGE list of fine motor skill activities for working with older adults in OT |

I am always looking for new ideas to work on fine motor skills, specifically when working with adults. I tend to resort to my “old favorite” list of fine motor coordination activities that I know work well, along with specific occupations that are important to my patients. But when I am working with a long …

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8 Tips for Productivity when working in a SNF as an OT

SNF, Productivity, Occupational Therapy – Ugh. I almost don’t even want to say those words out loud together… In all actuality, I feel it shouldn’t be called “productive,” it should be called what it really is: “billable.” We are ALL as efficient as we can be in skilled nursing facilities (SNF), but SNF productivity standards …

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Learn how to use a scavenger hunt in your occupational therapy activities to address patient goals. Perfect OT treatment ideas for SNF! |

OT treatment ideas for SNF, especially if you are a new grad OT in SNF settings, are always welcome in an occupational therapy practitioner’s toolbox. Time to “up” the challenge with a facility scavenger hunt.  Remember though, you’re an OT which means that this can’t be any scavenger hunt that even a high school student …

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New grad occupational therapist jobs can be TOUGH - especially in a SNF! Learn 6 tips to help you if it is your 1st time working in this setting. |

As a new grad occupational therapist, I have been working at my facility for a little over half a year now, and let me tell you, it’s a wild world out there. Even though I had some level II fieldwork experience at a skilled nursing facility (SNF), it’s an entirely different ball game compared to …

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