Mastering Fieldwork: 7 Tips I Wish I'd Known

Occupational Therapy Fieldwork: 7 Tips I Wish I’d Known

Occupational therapy fieldwork can be stressful! Check out these 7 tips to MASTERING your fieldwork through my conversation with Miri Lee OTD, OTR

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5 thoughts on “Occupational Therapy Fieldwork: 7 Tips I Wish I’d Known”

  1. That was a really cool podcast episode. Made me take some mindful breaths and appreciate the moment (even though I was stuck in traffic and going crazy just moments before). Thank you for sharing. Many nuggets of wisdom. Much appreciated.

  2. Andrew Nielsen

    I’m a second year OT student. In this episode, building clinical reasoning skills while you’re a student was highly encouraged. What are some ways you recommend doing this as a student?

    1. Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L

      Great question Andrew!
      There are A LOT of schools of thought on clinical reasoning, BUT the things I think (just my opinion) contribute to growing in clinical reasoning, involves looking at contextual information of the client/environment/situation vs just theory and dx, as well as starting to see the differences between theory and actual practice. Work on prioritizing problems and being reflective on the treatment sessions/interventions, etc and learn from them.

      Easy to say, not so easy to do with limited experience, but I think with each step of a treatment, you really ask yourself “why,” it will help you process the “hows” and “whats” of what you are doing.

      A few examples:

      WHY am I choosing this intervention first or before another
      WHY am I addressing the psychosocial barriers of this client before a physical one (or vice versa)
      WHY is this patient behaving in this manner and what are they trying to tell me

      If you are able to justify your thought process through EBP or prior experience or patient feedback, etc, the clinical reasoning gets easier and easier.

      This is a WHOLE podcast episode in itself 🙂

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