Low Vision: “Seeing” Our Patients’ Full Potential in Occupational Therapy

Low Vision: "Seeing" Our Patients' Full Potential in Occupational Therapy

Check out some great OT suggestions, treatment ideas and ways to screen your patients with low vision and help them succeed!

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Resources from the Show:

[thrive_2step id=’3875′]Click here to get your own Low Vision Toolbox[/thrive_2step]

  • Brain Injury Visual Assessment Battery for Adults (BIVABA)– Uses the hierarchy of vision to assess the most basic visual skills to the higher level cognitive visual skills. It’s easy to use and comes with a DVD (possibly a USB now?) in which each visual test is demonstrated.
  • Self-Report Assessment of Functional Visual Performance (SRAFVP) Questionnaire and very easy to administer. Able to calculate g-codes from assessment
  • Low Vision Independence Measure (Smith)

Helpful Additional Resources:

Low Vision Apps

  • Looktell money reader– tells you the denomination of paper money
  • Dragon dictation– voice to text app, so you can speak into it and easily see your emails, texts, etc.
  • Color ID – identifies color
  • Zoom Reader– helps you magnify text
  • Speak it! Text to Speech app
  • BeMyEyes- a really cool app in which sighted users assist people with visual impairment

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