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Occupational therapy tips for working on bathing with someone that has dementia |

The struggle is real. Dementia bathing or patients with other cognitive impairments is one of the biggest struggles from caregivers. There is fighting, arguing, and frustration. There is worry about body odor, risk of infection and being in pain due to chaffing and soreness. Everyone that struggles with bathing goes through this. First thing to […]

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5 Tips You Need to Know When You Have Patient Refusals in Occupational Therapy |

Patient refusal of care can be very frustrating in occupational therapy (OT)! What do we do? There are supervisors to appease, productivity to adhere to, patients to help and ethical dilemmas to resolve. So let’s dig into: why do patient refusals happen what to do about it and how to document it What is it

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The TOP High Tech Home Modifications for the Generalist Occupational Therapist |

I can honestly say I am a “jack of all trades” in the occupational therapy world. I am not an assistive technology guru or even have easy access to someone that is, since I live in a rural community. But I DO complete a lot of home assessments and make recommendations on home modifications for

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Sleep Problems in Our Patients with Dementia: Occupational Therapy intervention |

Why is sleep so difficult for our patients that have dementia? Through addressing occupational therapy dementia sleep problems, we can assess and develop a treatment plan by asking ourselves “WHY” they are having difficulty and look at the patient holistically. Occupational therapy dementia care and sleep problems among our patients is a common challenge. These

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Weight Bearing Precautions for Occupational therapy practitioners

Per usual practice, occupational therapy practitioners don’t typically set up or change weight bearing precautions for their patients.  That order comes from their primary physicians who also order therapy evaluations and services to begin with. Occupational therapy practitioners (OTPs) are informed about weight-bearing precautions via a prescriptive order in the form of, sometimes unrecognizable, acronyms:

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How to decide occupation based treatments for underlying deficits

Activity analysis is the KEY to occupational therapy. It helps us be holistic. It helps us be client centered. It helps us look at how we can help our patients return to the occupations that they need and want to do! Sometimes when we are working with our patients as occupational therapy practitioners, we tend

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OT goal writing: the ultimate guide

We have all been there, trying to figure out what is the best and easiest way to make OT goal writing successful, but why is this sometimes so hard? UGH 😫 See, I was randomly looking through the Occupational Therapy Treatment Ideas & Information Facebook page the other day (it is a HUGE group with tons

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When to choose Broda seating vs a Geri chair in occupational therapy |

How do you know when to recommend a Broda Chair over a Geri Chair? As occupational therapy practitioners, sometimes making the recommendation for a wheelchair can be hard, especially for a person that doesn’t quite fit the norms of a standard seating and positioning. So I went right to the source and teamed up with

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