Transfer Treatment Guide

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Transfers are a fundamental part to regaining or restoring function in our patients’ every day lives. BUT if all you are doing is documenting how many repetitions you are performing at what assist level, this will eventually not be skilled and therefore treatment will not be reimbursable.  One of the goals of the transfer guide is to make documenting your skill with transfers quick and easy. 

Have you ever been weeks into your treatment plan and you are still working on the same kind of transfers and not seeing much progress?

Maybe you switch the surface or attempt to have your patient perform transfers without their UE. But is this enough?

Do you find yourself wondering how you will document transfers today that could be different than what you have been doing since your start of care?

Do you find yourself in a rut of doing the same exercises to improve the muscle strength required for transfers?

Well not anymore…

The Note Ninja Transfer Guide will not only make documenting easy, but it will allow you to treat your patients for as long as necessary by progressing and enhancing your transfer treatments.

The Note Ninja Transfer Guide includes: 

  • Tons of cues you could be providing during transfers
  • Ways to document progress
  • Skills required for transfers
  • Preparatory treatments activities
  • Different exercises you can do to improve transfers without just doing the transfer
  • Progression of transfers
  • Examples of goals
  • Samples of OT and PT Documentation

This is what your patients need to achieve their goals. And this is what you need to make treatments and documentation quick and easy! 

Written By The Note Ninjas, Stephanie and Nicole

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