The Biopsychosocial Model and Occupational Therapy

The Biopsychosocial Model and Occupational Therapy

The biopsychosocial model and occupational therapy are the perfect match as they both focus on the biological, psychological, and social elements, as well as a person’s individual experiences. It is often confused as being a biopsychosocial frame of reference, but it’s not, as a model of practice helps organize a clinician’s thinking and approach, vs  a frame of reference is a tool to guide one’s intervention.

What I love about this model, is that it really puts the person first – but wait, I know what you are thinking, “I am a healthcare provider and I already do put my patient’s needs first!”

But wait!

Rafael Salazar II, MHS, OTR and owner of Rehab U Practice Solutions digs in, gives some examples, and shows us how to use the biopsychosocial model to maximize your patient outcomes. Be sure to get the skilled terminology cheat sheet and

→ 3 Key Takeaways

Learn the biopsychosocial model & approach for better patient outcomes | #OTtreatment ideas #SNFOT #homehealthOT #acuteOT #neuroOT

  1. Utilizing the biopsychosocial model in occupational therapy can help be a more holistic practitioner
  2. Using the biopsychosocial model can help you be more client centered and have better outcomes
  3. It can help address more psychological factors in a medical model

Resources from the Show

Links, resources and specific recommendations from Rafi

Using Therapeutic Use of Self to Maximize Occupational Therapy Outcomes

Occupational Therapy Documentation: The Ultimate Guide to Simplify Your Documentation

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Research:Learn about the biopsychosocial model & approach for better patient outcomes | #OTtreatment ideas #SNFOT #homehealthOT #acuteOT #neuroOT

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