Precision Goniometers

Anyone else remember the first time you actually performed ROM on a patient?

I definitely do – I was a nervous wreck!

❓Did I find the landmarks correctly?
❓Am I reading the Goni right?
❓Is another OTP going to think I did it wrong?
❓Does measuring really even matter?


No matter what setting you are in, ROM measurements are a key component in determining limitations in occupational performance.

If they do not have the ROM, it is harder to reach/bend/maneuver/access what they need to or even gain strength! Knowing what the basic WFL ROMs are for some basic ADLs is helpful.

I am loving these goniometers by my partner and friends over at @precisiongoniometer – not only do they get the JOB DONE, but right on the Goni’s themselves, they have WNL ROMs, some WFLs and the exact landmarks where to place it for accurate measurements.

They are taking the guesswork out of ROM for accuracy! YESSSSS 👏

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