Non-Clinical 101: The Complete Guide to Launching Your Non-Clinical Career

Learn how to use your degree and experience in fun, fulfilling, high-paying non-clinical jobs and get 20% off automatically using the link below


What You’ll Get in This Course:

  • A fun, 4-step course that will dramatically improve your career, and your life!
  • Over 6 hours of comprehensive instructional video covering non-clinical career paths, networking, branding, resumes and cover letters, finding jobs, interviewing, negotiating, self-assessment, and much more!
  • All content tailored specifically to rehab professionals
  • Lifetime access to the course and all materials, including periodic updates
  • A full example resume makeover–you’ll learn how to take your resume from clinical to non-clinical and make a great impression!
  • Personalized self assessments to help you unearth your skills and talents
  • Cheat sheets and downloads to help you with transferable skills, non-clinical jargon and more
  • Interview tips and cheat sheets
  • Course recommendations for each career path
  • Membership in the Non-Clinical 101 Alumni Facebook group, where you can network, find support, and get dibs on the hottest non-clinical jobs.
  • Access to special discounts and services


  • BONUS: A 56-page workbook covering everything you want to know about the most common non-clinical career paths, with more paths being added periodically!
  • BONUS: Editable sample resumes and cover letters for every single career path we explore