The Biopsychosocial Model and Occupational Therapy

The biopsychosocial model and occupational therapy are the perfect match as they both focus on the biological, psychological, and social elements, as well as a person’s individual experiences. It is often confused as being a biopsychosocial frame of reference, but it’s not, as a model of practice helps organize a clinician’s thinking and approach, vs  […]

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Occupation Based & Functional Approaches in SNF

Occupation based treatment ideas feel like they should come easy, but sometimes we find barriers to getting creative and finding the occupations that are meaningful to our clients. Timisha Tross BS, COTA shares how it doesn’t have to be hard to put more occupation, creativity and fun into your occupational therapy treatment sessions – especially

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Neuroplasticity After Stroke: Use the Research to Get Better Results in OT

Neuroplasticity, strokes and occupational therapy go together like peanut butter and jelly. They all need each other to help maximize the outcomes and occupational performance of our patients (or in the case of the sandwich, just taste delicious ????). Crystal Cabrera MS OTR/L and Certified Stroke Rehab Specialist shares the research on how to step

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OT, Hospice and Palliative Care

Occupational Therapy and hospice care practitioners improve quality of life in patients by helping people engage in those meaningful occupations, even if it is at their end of life. Karmella Bognot MS, OTR/L shares her experience working in occupational therapy in oncology and palliative care people in a hospice setting and how our role as

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Burned Out in Occupational Therapy? Tips to Reclaim your Practice

I love that the OT Flourish Podcast can talk about professional issues that are REAL – like, are you unhappy with your occupational therapy job, or feeling the occupational therapy burn out? Or have you ever thought, “There has to be a better way, I hate being an occupational therapist!” You are not alone! Ericka

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Using the Allen Cognitive Levels with Older Adults: Part 1

How can the Allen Cognitive Levels help you to provide better treatments for our patients with a cognitive impairment? How can we use this theory to make better discharge planning? How can we help our patient’s be successful in their own environments with dementia? Dr Patricia Cornille OTD and Carol Luhman OTR, both former presidents

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Occupational Therapy for Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Occupational Therapist have a unique role when working in a community based setting for older adults with developmental disabilities. Guest Tomeico Faison OTR/L not only has a passion for providing services to this population, but has grown an OT business! From assessments and case studies to finding a way to serve an unmet need, she

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Occupational Therapy Specialties and Certifications for OTR & OTA

Occupational therapy certifications and specialties – they are great for honing in on what you’d like to specialize in OT. We discuss what’s out there and what are some options for both OTRs and OTAs as not all occupational therapy advanced certifications are worth it! Any certifications or specialties that have impacted your career and

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OT and the LGBTQ+ Older Adult Community

Looking to learn more about being an occupational therapy practitioner and fostering inclusivity with older adults in the LGBTQ+ community? Learn about the stats, get more information on inclusive language, check out these resources and gain knowledge on practical strategies to increase your competency. Anything you would love to add – leave us a comment!

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